Home Projects in WingTsun™ Kung Fu:

A student working for higher skill levels should be scheduling his or her “home projects” once per week or once per month in WingTsun™ training.  Based on the “little idea” concept, a student should work to perfect one simple skill such as the changing man sau position from left man sau to right man sau or the Sun Thrusting punch with huen sau or the turning stance. The student should consider what he or she feels the need to work on this week or this month and work on it exclusively at home or almost exclusively together with a ten minute workout.  Using this kind of focus, one can soon do away with problems coping with more advanced techniques at the WingTsun classes.

One problem area common to many students is the use of practice periods that are too short for this sort of thing. Unlike a quick exposure to WingTsun technique as a refresher and enhancement like the ten minute workout, the perfection of technique requires greater mindfulness and time. The way to mastering any martial arts technique is a single minded focus. WingTsun has as one of its center pieces, the “little idea” as its simple non-Buddhist expression of a practice used by meditating monks and that is the focus on a little idea.  Many students start practicing a little idea such as the changing man sau and then stop too soon. The most success comes after the practitioner has practiced it far beyond the point of boredom into the twilight zone of patience and fatigue.  Just when a student gets the urge to stop is the point at which to keep going something like many runners who get a “second wind.”  If the student can do this, he or she will have success and basic mastery of the movement.

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