Register now on our web form at: Trial Lesson and get one week of free trial classes! Just mention this offer! Our martial arts classes in Gilbert AZ, are at Guadalupe and Gilbert Rd. one mile south of the Mesa, Arizona city line.

745 N. Gilbert Rd. #120, Gilbert, AZ 85234.

Offer expires Thursday June 27, 2019 (last day). Cannot be combined with other offers.

You will get a free introduction prior to your first class. Here is what to expect at your first Wing Tsun Kung Fu class:

Our Wing Tsun trial classes are individualized. No previous experience is necessary. Come dressed in regular workout clothes: long trousers, white t-shirt and athletic shoes.We want to find out what your goals and interests are in learning a martial art like WingTsun and we want to help you achieve them starting now and in future classes and have fun doing it! You begin with the rest of the class and then we put you with a high ranking assistant who will guide you through the first basic stance and hand techniques. The class lasts one hour.

You will learn the basic theories of the WingTsun kung fu system explained to you in clear detail. You will learn the basic concepts for self-defense that make Wing Tsun (wing chun) so effective. You will also learn the practical applications of the movements. These ideas include the health and fitness aspects of the movements and benefits if done regularly.

In WingTsun training, each skill set builds upon the next. The skills you learn today will be used in the future.

You can expect to be little bit muscle sore after your first class, especially in the legs. Like any other activity, it will take a while to get used to using a different set of muscles. It is a sign that you are getting fit! Join our martial arts classes in Gilbert AZ!

Knowledge is a treasure, but practice is the key to it. – Lao Tzu