what are wing tsun punches

Wing Tsun punches

Wing Tsun punches are not like the punches from boxing or other martial arts.  The most basic Wing Tsun punch is called the “character sun thrusting punch.”  It is executed, starting from the center of the chest outward toward one’s opponent.  The aim is at his center line. If the punch is deflected or interrupted, this of no consequence since the punches come in a chain. There are many more where that came from!

Wing Tsun punches will not feel powerful to a beginner perhaps because the larger skeletal muscles are not used in executing the punch.  Muscles used such as deltoid, upper back muscles and the triceps are the primary muscles used.  In addition, Wing Tsun punching does not work by chasing a target with the arm only and extending the arm in an attempt to get more reach or more power.  It is incorrect to extend the shoulder as well.  Punching power is attained through the skillful use of acceleration of the fist toward the target.  The target is tracked and reached by using sharp, quick advancing steps in coordination with the chain punches.

Two other punches exist in the Wing Tsun arsenal. They are the Lifting Punch in the second kuen (form) and the Hook Punch in the third form. These two punches have more specialized uses in rarer self-defense combat situations.

– Sifu Keith Sonnenberg

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