Wing Tsun Tools

Wing Tsun tools are just the hand formations and methods one can draw from for self-defense. The general public may think that Wing Tsun (or Wing Chun) has fewer tools with which to defend compared with other systems which sometimes try to include every technique known from other martial arts systems in the hope that it will make their martial art school’s teachings better or more complete. However each tool in Wing Tsun has many uses. The idea that Wing Tsun (or Wing Chun) is limited to chain punching or limited to chi sau exercises is a false idea fueled by the mutual fascination of the public and the media in the most visually unique aspects of Wing Tsun, namely the sticky hands and the wooden dummy.

Wing Tsun has a full array of fighting tools available. In fact, all Yip Man lineages have these tools in their forms. If you are not learning to use all of these tools, then the fault would lie with your instructors. Merely adding more techniques from outside the Wing Tsun system that run counter to the concepts of Wing Tsun is at best confusing to a student and ultimately dangerous to a person using the methods to defend themselves.

Leung Ting WingTsun® instructors teach the use of three different types of punches, knee and elbow defense concepts and counter attacking, using the shoulder in defense and offense, leg techniques and kicking concepts and methods, throws, anti-throws, anti-grabs, and fighting from the floor and on the ground.

Leung Ting WingTsun® does not believe in the fixed movement idea in that there is a certain technique to be used for a certain attack. It is impossible to know the direction, angle and power of an attack in advance. It is also impossible to know the size, skill and strength of one’s attacker in advance. There can be no recipe book to learn self-defense. Wing Tsun is flexible in its approach in that one must be flexible to ward off an attack and never clash with a stronger force. The defense for an attack may not be obvious to the eye but, through the sense of touch, the human body can be trained to apply the best method according to the direction, strength, and power of the attacker’s movements. It is much wiser to be able to use an attacker’s force and strength against them.

Sifu Keith Sonnenberg