WingTsun: A highly relevant martial art in this day and age

WingTsun: A highly relevant martial art in this day and age

WingTsun™ Kung Fu is a highly relevant martial art system in this modern era. Notice that I did not say “system of self defense” or “method of fighting” or “way to better health” or otherwise define it. It is not always useful to define WingTsun because WingTsun Kung Fu is multi-faceted.

WingTsun is useful because of its practical nature for self-defense. Getting this benefit does not take an eternity.

It offers genuine stress relieving aspects which can lead to better health.

It has genuine exercise combined with purposeful activity which many people find more rewarding than weights or jogging.

It is not an inherently risky activity.

It does not require a practitioner to start out as a human pretzel, able to stretch one’s leg to the ceiling or put one’s body in complicated, static positions, (not that there is anything wrong with that). Rather the teachings encourage greater and greater flexibility and dynamic activity which is built in to the training. We do not stretch into unworkable positions for self-defense. No high kicks.

Mental training combines the WingTsun logic with the philosophical teachings of the far east.

WingTsun engages the mind at every level in one way or another.

WingTsun is relevant because people need all of the above more than ever in today’s anxiety-ridden world.

–  Keith Sonnenberg, Sifu