WingTsun™ is a way to Functional Fitness

Do you have trouble jumping onto the treadmill and hoofing it for 30 minutes?  Do you have trouble dropping to the floor and doing 20 push-ups?  How about ten arm curls with each arm with a 25 pound dumbbell on a Sunday afternoon?  Would you feel strange or afraid stepping onto a floor with a lot of screaming dudes in white uniforms lunge punching with blood-curdling intensity?

Perhaps you would do better with WingTsun™ Kung Fu.  WingTsun Kung Fu training functionally works on the joints and the small muscles that hold them together.  In order to perform its efficient self-defense techniques, the joints rotate in small circles.  A student stands upright, albeit in a toes-in stance at first until it becomes obvious that this isn’t the fighting stance but the training stance. 

Every joint in the torso, legs and arms, wrists and ankles are worked to one degree or another.   With this kind of functional training, many other activities become possible.

The breathing practice in the first set of movements (called the “Little Idea form”) strengthens the diaphragm and prepares a student for the higher oxygen demands of heavier workouts and demanding emergency situations.

The biceps, triceps, pecs and deltoids are all trained in the chain punches and single punches.

The quadriceps and hips are all worked in the kicks which come after a few months to a year of training, after the student develops sufficient abilities in footwork with two feet on the ground.  This is the tone of the WingTsun training both physically and psychologically – two feet on the ground. 

Along with attention to technique and efficient self-defense, perhaps WingTsun is the practical and interesting solution to your fitness goals.

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