Women Can Defend With WingTsun™

Women can defend defend themselves against larger, stronger male attackers because WingTsun™ teaches a skill that involves using an attacker’s strength.  However what makes WingTsun different than a dozen other arts who claim this is that WingTsun focuses on soft power which recognizes that speed is squared times mass equals force.  In other words speed is more important in generating force than mass.

In addition, WingTsun uses footwork that others do not.  The footwork is designed to get a defender out of the way of a greater force without taking a single step.  The turning stance footwork is pivoting on the center of the sole of the foot, one foot at a time, thus complying with the principal of economical movement.

Leung Ting WingTsun® places emphasis on applying the technical movements against real life-style attacks.  Transitioning the practical chi sau programs to real defenses is where the rubber meets the road, so to speak.  That is what we regard as important.

To apply the techniques in reality, it is important to ‘give up your force so that you can borrow the force.’  A student must learn to stop relying on strength to prevail.  Instead, yield to strong forces while the WingTsun footwork gets you out of the line of attack, then return it, spring-like, to counter attack.

The above training flexes and relaxes muscles you have never actually used (perhaps you just tensed them!) and creates new path ways in the brain.  You use your brain as well as your body in a WingTsun class!

At the same time, WingTsun applies simple, practical solutions if the hands are occupied, with its own practical kicking methods, elbow and knee counters against appropriate targets.

– Sifu Keith Sonnenberg