You Need Wing Tsun

You need Wing Tsun for the most effective way to get benefit ‘mileage’ from a martial art. You do not have to learn 400 different, separate modes of movement unrelated to each other to learn complete self-defense. Under attack, a non-trained person can freeze. No movement – no action, just a victim for lack of learned automatic reactions. Fear creates this freeze reaction because the victim has learned no confidence, had no training, has mind-body conflicts because of inappropriate principals learned, or has no knowledge at all.

Martial arts that teach a sport can be fun. If you are a competitive person, it can be nirvana. Getting fitness plus whether you win or lose – you often cannot beat the thrill of victory or defeat for a fun experience. However, you need Wing Tsun for your mental focus.  Martial sports generally do not focus on your brain like WingTsun kung-fu does. If you are ever attacked, you need this. We teach you how to relax in order to move.

Learn to use two hands simultaneously performing separate tasks. Learn to keep both feet solidly on the ground to prevent going to the ground.  You do not kick until it is impossible for opponent to counterattack.

Step-by-step, you learn to move well. If attacked, your limbs can move to stick with an attacker, follow and borrow his force and add it to your own force.

Combine this ability with economical movement including the ability to strike at a short distance with hand, elbow and knee, upright stances, and low kicks to an attacker’s legs and you have a full program of anti-strike, anti-punch, anti-kick and anti-grappling regardless of the ‘style’ of attack.
– Sifu Keith Sonnenberg

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