Mr. Keith Sonnenberg’s self-defense training started in 1967 as a student of “Korean karate” (Tang Soo Do) in Detroit, Michigan, his hometown. He obtained the First-Degree black belt in Korean karate in 1970 under Instructor David Praim. He taught these karate classes in groups all over Detroit until 1975.

In 1975, after a move to Phoenix, AZ from East Detroit, MI, he met a person who introduced him to a Tucson wing chun instructor. This Chinese instructor opened a school in Phoenix in January 1976. After this acquaintance taught him a few movements, he was suitably impressed enough to start training at this Chinese instructor’s school in Phoenix. Mr. Sonnenberg ended up owning his
own school in Phoenix. This lasted until 1979 when he moved to accept a new position in California. During this time, he discovered a Chinese instructor named Leung Ting, who, at the time, was a Wing Tsun kung-fu master in Hong Kong. Wing Tsun is a version of Wing Chun. Master Leung Ting came to the U.S. to teach seminars, several a year for many years. In the early 1980s before GM Leung Ting had even been teaching in the U.S. for long, Mr. Sonnenberg became GM Leung Ting’s First American disciple. *

Mr. Sonnenberg studied Filipino Escrima stick and knife skills in the late 80s for at least two years in addition to advancing in skills and rank in Leung Ting Ting Wing Tsun®.

In February 2002, Mr. Sonnenberg was awarded the 4th Level Technician in Leung Ting WingTsun® by his instructor as well as received the title of Disciple in the Chinese tradition.

More recently he learned a unique personal self-defense system from a Texas instructor.

Today he teaches both Wing Tsun kung fu and special self-defense classes in his own school to the public!

*See the book Dynamic Wing Tsun Kung Fu by Grandmaster Leung Ting. Link: and