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The Right Martial Art for the Times We Live in!


Wing Tsun AZ Kung Fu – the Best Self Defense


Wing Tsun is a southern Chinese kung fu system like wing chun, Leung Ting WingTsun® system, Yip Man Lineage. It is a punching, striking, low kicking and anti-grappling system. Martial arts like Okinawan karate were probably derived from it because of certain similarities but nobody knows for sure. The legend says that it was invented by a female monk from the Shaolin monastery. In the 20th century, Bruce Lee studied from Yip Man. There is no ‘sport’ application. Students learn exacting self-defense skills and mastery of the inner self, mentally and physically. Wing Tsun Arizona is a branch of the International WingTsun Association – North American Section (IWTA-NAS). Member: International WingTsun Association.

We teach students the authentic Leung Ting WingTsun® kung fu of the Yip Man lineage. WingTsun is a superb system of self-defense.


Learn Wing Tsun™, a martial art that is constructive

to your self-betterment. Wing Tsun builds on your existing skills.

WingTsun has a distinctive history and tradition of 300 + years of



Benefits of training in Wing Tsun AZ Kung Fu – the Best Self Defense –

First rate, effective self-defense skills.

Healthy new lifestyle changes

Students report positive changes in their thinking.

Students report that it renewed their interest in the martial arts.

Physical fitness

Personal Development

Our Leung Ting WingTsun® martial art system is known for self-defense:

  • Exclusive footwork that enables borrowing an attacker’s force,
  • An organized teaching program so that students in the IWTA schools learn the same material around the world,
  • a martial art art that borrows an attacker’s force when forced to defend yourself to use it against them,
  • its practical approach to self-defense,
  • being a seriously effective martial art in all self-defense situations,
  • one that uses straight-lines of attack instead of circles,
  • is economical in movement,
  • uses low kicks instead of fancy high kicking,
  • applies sticky hands training for fighting effectiveness,
  • use of a wooden dummy in the advanced phases of the art of self-defense.
  • the art that a woman invented to defend herself against her stronger male adversaries.

WingTsun Arizona self defense martial art can be relied on anytime, anyplace.*


Wing Tsun AZ Kung Fu – the Best Self Defense –

To learn self-defense , improve posture, fitness and mental focus, get started right away!


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Wing Tsun is not a watered down system. WingTsun self defense martial art and our instruction is complete and authentic.  WingTsun was developed by Leung Ting from the teachings he received from the late, great Grandmaster Yip Man in the later years of his life. 

“Wing Tsun Grandmaster Leung Ting’s theories of the Wing Tsun (Wing Chun) system are quite different from most of Yip Man’s students of his early years.  In order to show the difference of his Wing Chun concept from those of other Wing Chun instructors, Leung Ting founded his own system and called it WingTsun.”

In addition to self-defense, improve posture, fitness and mental focus.  This martial art self-defense system is from China which is the cradle of Asian martial arts.  Our head instructor is Sifu Keith Sonnenberg, a direct student of Great Grandmaster Leung Ting. Grandmaster Leung Ting was the closed-door student of the late Grandmaster Yip Man. Learn the (the real story).

At Wing Tsun Arizona, men, women and teens learn in a friendly group class environment. According to legend WingTsun (Wing Chun) was invented by a woman.  A weaker person can defend against stronger adversaries.


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You can also call us at 480-668-9220 today. Be sure and leave a phone number so we can call you back.  Classes are at Ballet Etudes School of Dance, 2401 E. Baseline Rd, Gilbert, Arizona 85234 and Mountain View Karate 8445 E. McDonald Dr. Scottsdale, AZ 85250 which also serves Phoenix, Mesa, Tempe, Chandler, Queen Creek and San Tan Valley.

We are a branch of the International WingTsun™ Association – North American Section (IWTA-NAS).

“Returning to the most simple and true!”

– Leung Ting



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