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Wing Tsun AZ Kung Fu – the Best Self Defense


If you have been waiting for something to come along to give you instant gratification, Wing Tsun is not that thing. A real martial art cannot give you that because it takes time for the mind and body to load into it all the mind body connections in order to understand it. If, however, you want the learning experience of a true martial art, Wing Tsun is it.

Wing Tsun is a southern Chinese kung fu system like wing chun – the Leung Ting WingTsun® system of the Yip Man Lineage. It is a punching, striking, low kicking and anti-grappling system. Martial arts like Okinawan karate were probably derived from it because of certain similarities but nobody knows for sure. The legend says that it was invented by a female monk from the Shaolin monastery. In the 20th century, Bruce Lee studied from Yip Man. There is no ‘sport’ application. Students learn exacting self-defense skills and mastery of the inner self, mentally and physically. Wing Tsun Arizona is a branch of the International WingTsun Association – North American Section (IWTA-NAS). Member: International WingTsun Association.

We teach students the authentic Leung Ting WingTsun® kung fu of the Yip Man lineage. WingTsun is a superb system of self-defense.


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