Bring a Friend! If you bring a friend to try Wing Tsun along with yourself, the two of you get the class for just $20.


About me and my passion for martial arts..

Top Choice for Martial Arts Training in Mesa

As the owner of Efficient Martial Arts, LLC, I am proud to offer Wing Tsun kung-fu classes and fitness training in Mesa, Arizona. With 48 years of experience in Wing Tsun and Wing Chun, I have dedicated my life to mastering these arts and helping others do the same. My classes focus on personal growth, health, ...

Empowering Your Journey to Fitness and Self-Defense

At Efficient Martial Arts, my passion is to guide individuals on a transformative journey through the practice of Wing Tsun kung-fu and associated exercises. With 48 years of dedicated experience in Wing Tsun and Wing Chun, I offer a comprehensive approach to fitness, self-defense, and personal development. My ...