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You will learn a serious martial art for self-improvement and self-defense. Advance yourself as a person in important ways. Overcome the cell phone – computer monitor syndrome that afflicts nearly everybody today. Several aspects of the training have benefits for physical and mental problems that are otherwise ignored in our sedentary society.

We do not profess to teach a ring-fighting system. There are distinct differences between the training for a martial art of self-defense, self-defense specifically and the training for ring-fighting. However some ring fighters have used wing chun skills in the ring.

A great many Wing Tsun students have had previous martial arts training. They come to us to get a different perspective or a different emphasis. Many need serious hand technique work. Some get the feeling that something is missing in their current practice. Like most true martial arts, however, new Wing Tsun students must “empty their cup” and start at the beginning. Your ego should be left at the door, regardless of your previous training.

There are many partner drills in Wing Tsun. This means proper hygiene and concern for your fellow students is very important. Adornments that potentially could hurt or entangle your fellow students are not allowed. These might include rings, necklaces, or piercings.

In the Chinese martial arts, we wear shoes in our classes. Please consult the instructors about proper footwear.

Wing Tsun gradually becomes a vigorous, fast moving martial art, as you, the trainee, become more skilled. It places self-defense as a high priority. It is different from T’ai Chi in that students are taught the fighting applications in addition to movement skills. If you need a reason to move and get in shape, try Wing Tsun’s precision skill-building.

Our WingTsun™ martial arts classes in Gilbert, Arizona teach the art, more commonly known as Wing Chun, a southern Chinese kung fu method of the Yip Man Lineage. We are part of the largest Wing Chun organization – the International WingTsun™ Association. We break the mold of your usual type of martial arts class. Individual attention is part of the instruction instead of the ‘mass teaching,’ military style of larger schools. It is a close-range punching, striking, low kicking and anti-grappling system that develops highly evolved “sticky hands” skills in all students that persevere. It is a superb system of self-defense.

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Our Classes

Tuesday And Thursday

7:00pm – 8:00pm

A Typical Class Consists of:

  • Learning forms practice, 10-15 minutes.
  • Physical warm-up for conditioning and fitness:  leg work, chain punches, pad-work, ground defense drills on mats.
  • Learning paired drills and practice, lead-arm defense, sticky-hands, lat-sau, then finish.
  • Class content varies depending on ranks present.

What to expect

The slow movements of Wing Tsun’s first form are an ancient acknowledgment that slowing down can calm the nerves. As you move through the form, you breathe slowly in through the nose and out through the mouth, expanding the diaphragm. You will learn this as your first set of movements.

What is Wing Tsun training?

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