Self Defense

WingTsun is a superb system of self-defense through it’s logical and scientific approach to self-defense.


You can maintain fitness by addressing the smaller muscle groups and joints and maintain health by conquering stress.


Develop better concentration, self-confidence, self-esteem, and situational awareness, through regular practice.

If you have no physical self-defense abilities, this is THE way to change that….but you must empty your cup first!- Zen Proverb

The head instructor is Sifu Keith Sonnenberg…


Yip Man

Leung Ting

Keith Sonnenberg

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We have reasonable rates and a central location in Phoenix’s east valley. We feature training in the Leung Ting WingTsun® (wing chun) martial art system.

A few of the…

Benefits We Offer

Personalized Wing Tsun instruction

You will definitely learn to do different tasks with different hands at the same time (or “chew gum and walk?”). Every person has different talents and previous experiences and so students are allowed to progress at their own pace.

Very reasonable rates, affordable plans

We have an assortment of affordable, competitive plans and we introduce specials from time to time. Please inquire with us after your trial lesson.

Certified instruction, I.W.T.A. Hong Kong

Instructors are certified and tested. They are knowledgeable in Wing Tsun after several years of practice in teaching and learning. They are also knowledgeable in body mechanics and the safest ways to perform the techniques.

Trial programs

Give us a try with trial lessons! Sign up on our Trial Lesson page or contact page, and check our News page for special offers and blogs.

Specialized self-defense classes

Wing Tsun Arizona offers one-hour self-defense classes by appointment. We also will customize a program for your church, corporation, participants practice safe and effective techniques. Other groups include charities, clubs, organizations, and school groups.

Central location in Phoenix’s east valley

We are at the southeast corner of Guadalupe and Gilbert Rd., Gilbert, AZ between Amazing Discoveries and the Gilbert Poolman.

Certified student grading, I.W.T.A – North American Section

All students are tested for rank when they are ready and the certificate is registered at our headquarters in Bloomington, IL. This allows for certification as an instructor later.

A realistic path to your personal wellness program

Our Wing Tsun (wing chun) classes present a progress-oriented skill development for individuals. You can have improved breathing, joint health, reflexes, balance, coordination and more in a safe and friendly environment.

What is Wing Tsun training?

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