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3 Steps to Use Your Attacker’s Force Against Him.

1) Get rid of your own force.

The meaning of this is to finally relax and get rid of tension and rigidity in your body. Some weightlifting methods just add tightness so that you cannot emit power from strikes and punches. In addition, tension and rigidity does not allow you to move freely and quickly in order to generate speed.

2) Get rid of your attacker’s force= deflect it, evade it, dissolve it.

You can deflect an attacker’s actions with a variety of applications such as slap blocks and palm up hands. Once the power has been deflected, you can use his momentum, so he collides with your own strikes.

You can evade his attacks by exclusive Wing Tsun footwork which does not involve large steps which take more time to execute. Again, once you evade his attacks, you can use that force, especially by sticking with his limb, and taking advantage of that momentum and his preoccupation with his strike to hit or throw from a different angle.

Dissolving involves joint manipulation in the direction of his effort to get rid of his force and simultaneously use the time you “stole” to hit back.

3) Now you can borrow his force.

All the above allows you, with the help of “sticky hand” skills to use his force, as you dissipate it.

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