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5 ways Wing Tsun kung-fu helps your brain

Wing Tsun martial arts training is an all-body movement training that also have a direct positive impact on your brain. 

1) The coordination between left and right hands is an excellent way to reprogram the way you move through your daily activities. With this training, the self-defense is instant because we do not block, then strike. The defense and the strike occurr at the same moment. To save time, the feet move at the same time as well. The all-body movement give you a coordinated physical activity that other forms do not have. This concept makes you faster than slower forms of self-defense. This is why you might hear or read than Wing Tsun is "economical in movement."

2) The early training involves slow movements similar to internal Chinese arts. This slow movement allows the mind to calm down and process what is going on in a meditation.

3) We can add a breathing exercise to this slow movement sequence which is a mind-body exercise that increases blood flow and chest and lung exercise. It also builds the flow of oxygen.

4) The posture exercise in this early practice changes the way you feel. Your head is straight up over your shoulders, your hips are tucked under, thus straightening your spine, and your balance is on the way to a big improvement.

5) Relaxing the muscles and getting rid of chronic tension is the big driver toward brain health. That is the emphasis in the early training.

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