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7 things that kung fu training can do for you that you cannot get otherwise.

1) Increase upper body flexibility.

The sequential forms practice stretch the upper body while providing techniques for self-defense

2) Strengthen legs inside and out.

The stance in doing the forms works both the adductor muscles and the abductor muscles, not to mention kicking later in the programs.

3) Improve breathing

The forms include specific breathing patterns to maximize your health.

4) Improve posture

The forms and then the other drills require good posture and head position to ward off danger. Your practice improves your eye position and focus.

5) Work on your balance.

Balance comes into play with leg strength and stance practice which is entirely different form the same stance s you see in other styles. Count on a new and different training with us!

6) How to learn effective self-defense.

Wing Tsun was developed to get rid of superior strength as a requirement for effective self-defense.

7) Improve blood circulation

The slow movements of the first form together with the vigorous upper body and lower body footwork, energize your muscles and this your blood flow.

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