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Advantages of the Wing Tsun Concepts

The Wing Tsun concepts are at the root of its effectiveness. Unlike some grappling arts, Wing Tsun, at its heart, is not a sport. It is designed so that a smaller or weaker person can more than just survive an attack by a bigger, stronger, attacker. We do not intentionally go to the ground. The ground is not a safe place for a smaller, weaker, individual. Even forgetting about the weight and strength advantage for a moment, the ground is hard, not soft like gym mats. It has rough spots, stones, edges of cement, refuse and on and on. Your attacker may have friends that can kick you, pull you off their friend, and attack you themselves.

Like some other kung-fu styles, Wing Tsun places a lot of emphasis on stance, balance, and remaining standing. Even so, everybody makes mistakes or can be taken by surprise and therefore we teach certain ground defenses.

Another advantage of Wing Tsun concepts is economy of movement. Our techniques are directed at the shortest distance from hand or foot to the target. This allows a defender a basic advantage in speed. Even if your attacker is faster, you can have that advantage without a natural talent for speed.

Another important advantage of Wing Tsun is the use of an attacker’s force to add to your own power. The use of Leung Ting WingTsun® unique footwork allows you to evade, deflect or dissolve an attacker’s force. Wing Tsun students are trained in relaxing the muscles to become supple like a rattan cane or a whip. It is also useful when applying a punch or palm strike in that the supple hand acts like a whip in generating power rather than stronger muscles.

Some persons try to characterize Wing Chun or Wing Tsun as "hard" of "soft." Most legitimate martial arts have elements of both. The soft or flexible side of Leung Ting WingTsun® takes more importance than any emphasis on hard style techniques.

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