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Benefits of Wing Tsun training

The Benefits of Wing Tsun training

Since Wing Tsun kung-fu was said to be descended from Shaolin, it has many of the same benefits of physical training. Forget for a moment the fast and logical self-defense concepts. While performing these self-defense movements in drills, paired drills, and the forms, the benefits are many with consistent practice. This is probably a partial list because persons react differently · Foot contact with ground. Can be called “grounding.”

· Balance from grounding.

· Strengthens adductor muscles.

· Strengthen wrist, elbow, and knee joints.

· Left-right handed coordination

· Improves posture.

· Improves breathing with reverse qigong technique thus affecting one’s whole-body health.

· Tones arm muscles, especially triceps.

· Coordinates left and right hand and foot coordination.

· Practical kicking height thus strengthening legs.

· Beginning meditation with the first form depending on the student's needs.

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