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Do you have painful joints or other pains?

The prescription is to get moving. Movements help the joints stay lubricated. It is very important to get started right away in a comprehensive system of movement that you can stay with. Some repetitive exercises that you might do at home, or a gym can be very boring after a while. It is no wonder some people cannot stay with that type of exercise. It is possibly due to boredom or lack of guidance in how to properly execute the exercise. You can pay a personal trainer if you are well-off enough to afford one for months or years or you can attend our classes and get continual guidance at a fraction of the cost of a personal trainer.

Arm and wrist exercise is done every class, either within the first form or as part of the breathing sequences. Get rid of your superficial wrist pain and even elbow pain in our classes. Setting up the stance involves basic ankle and knee movement that promotes strength and flexibility.

Movement also helps digestion. If you are not in motion, food tends to stay in the gut longer than it should. If your body is stuck in one position in front of a computer monitor, this does not help digestion.

Breathing exercise helps digestion as well which we do in class according to ancient chi kung techniques.

Science has now figured out that exercise helps your brain. The exact pathway that achieves this is best left to scholarly articles.

Get started this week with your classes in Wing Tsun Kung-fu. You won’t be sorry.


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